Backend Software Engineer (Algorithms, SESTO Robotics)

Job description:

Work with our back-end software development team that focuses on enterprise solutions for automated guided vehicles in warehouses. This position is ideal for an experienced software engineer who is passionate about solving challenging problems that transform robotics solutions and services.

As a Software Engineer you will

  • Design real-time distributed applications for lights off automation.
  • Develop algorithms and models for managing and coordinating an AGV Fleet.
  • Incorporate various forms of artificial intelligence into solutions involving mobile robots.
  • Generate data and process results from simulation.
  • You will develop systems to collect, process and visualize data related to automated material transport.
  • You will optimize transport cycles and schedules to improve throughput in a manufacturing facility.

Essential Requirements

  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in algorithms, data structures, objects oriented programming, design patterns, multi-threaded programming, and software design principles
  • Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Computer Science
  • Experience developing and architecting distributed systems
  • Strong programming abilities in Python and C++
  • Experience in Deep Learning
  • Experience in Operations Research/Simulation
  • Development and deployment of applications in Enterprise Linux
  • Experience in test-driven development, continuous deployment, and thoughtful application of monitoring and alerting.
  • Familiarity with version control systems (e.g. git )

Bonus points if you have

  • Experience in working with DDS
  • Hands-On experience on any one RDBMS/No SQL databases
  • Experience with Agile & DevOps methodologies
  • Experience with programming for the Web (HTTP, REST, XMLRPC, etc)
  • Experience in building interactive software systems and embedded systems
  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks like React, Ember, or Angular.

This position is for SESTO Robotics

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